The technology

Personalised light for healthy sleep-wake cycles

Award-winning technology that intelligently adapts light to support people’s inner rhythms

We’re not only here to build smarter lighting products, but to enable healthier living with light. We look beyond the lifespan of a lightbulb, the aesthetics of a lamp and the technology of smart lighting. Instead, we focus on what should always come first — people and supporting their healthy livelihood.

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circadian rhythms?

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Key features

Technology that integrates
as naturally as light itself

Light engine

Powered by machine learning, the Light Engine turns any light source into truly Human Centric Lighting.

Mobile SDK

Allows third parties to communicate with the Light Engine and seamlessly integrate existing lighting hardware with LYS.

LYS Scanner

An app for end-users that automatically adapts and adjusts smart lights to support people’s inner rhythms.

Partner with LYS

LYS supports the innovators in a new age of healthy lighting

We’re proud to work with forward-thinking organisations who put people first.

Lighting and electronics

Architects, engineers
and lighting designers

Facilities managers
and wellbeing officers

studying light

The benefits

  • Provide healthier end-products and lighting solutions
  • Be at the forefront of a digital revolution in lighting
  • Justify lighting decisions with evidence and data
  • Create truly human-centric environments to live and work.

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