Our mission is to enable healthier living with light and to make it available for everyone

The vision

In Danish LYS means light. Short, simple and straight to the point.

Our name carries not just our Scandinavian heritage but also a promise that we never take light for granted — it’s too important.

LYS looks beyond the lifespan of a lightbulb, aesthetics of a lamp, and the technology of smart lighting. Instead, we focus on what should always come first: people and supporting their healthy livelihood.

We’re here to enable personal light adjusted to people’s inner rhythms and daily routines.

The science

Based on the latest research in sleep science, our technology focuses on the most important factor for your sleep-wake cycles. Your exposure to light.

Light is vital to peoples’ health and wellbeing — and yet in the modern world light is an overlooked and untapped resource.

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The story

Founded by an innovation designer and a biomedical engineer, LYS combines a human understanding for good design with evidence-based technology.

What began as a Kickstarter in 2016 has grown to global, award-winning business. LYS can now be found in 53 countries worldwide, from Nuiqsut, Alaska all the way to our southernmost user in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Although we might just be the next big breakthrough in human-centric lighting, we stay true to our simple calling which is to make healthy light available to everyone.

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