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LYS Button 1.0

A wearable light tracker
that puts people first

The LYS Button is pushing the frontier of research into circadian rhythms, light, and chronobiology. Used in world-leading research centers, LYS helps scientists to accurately measure people’s light exposure, chronotype, sleep patterns and movement.

Seamless, simple and

Easily clipped to everyday clothes, the LYS Button gives detailed insight into people’s light exposure throughout their day. LYS gives a more accurate picture of an individual’s true light intake.

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LYS Platform

Access your data anywhere, anytime

The LYS platform allows researchers to analyse their data in real-time. See aggregated analytics, keep track of participant engagement and easily export your data.

What does LYS measure?

LYS Button




Movement values


Insight app




Social jetlag

Sleep-wake times

7 days battery life on
a single charge

15 seconds
sampling rate

Water and dust resistant,
for everyday use

A reliable, valid and practical research
tool for measuring light intake


Start your research by deploying LYS Buttons to test participants. Connect the devices via Bluetooth to one of our two apps to collect your data, LYS Insight or LYS Collect.

LYS Collect

Or connect several devices simultaneously to one phone with the LYS Collect app. Ideal for research in care homes or in facilities where not all participants have phones.

LYS App and Data Platform

Users connect their device to the LYS Insight app. A great tool for keeping participants engaged, users can identify their chronotype, record their sleep/wake up times, and review their personal light intake.

What researchers say

LYS is an innovative design which shows how the daily patterns of light influence our sleep-wake cycles in a vibrant, user-friendly visual display. Their data services provide great potential in assisting research on circadian rhythms, health and sleep in the future. It is definitely a pleasure to work with such a caring and enthusiastic team.

— Sophina Chan, Researcher,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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Frequently asked questions

Delivery takes up to 7 working days.

  • Spectral range of the LYS Button:
    LYS is an RGB sensor with a spectral range from 350-750nm.
  • Intensity range of the devices have in lux:
    0-100.000 Lux.
  • Units of measurement and definition metrics:
    Kelvin: Colour temperature measured in Kelvin
    RGB: Counts/μW/cm^2
    Lux: Light intensity measured in Lux
    Movement (3-axis accelerometer): Proxy for activity. Count the number of times acceleration exceeds 0.1875g (g=gravitational force) in any of the 3 axis over the logging time interval
    mLux: melanopic lux, α-opic equivalent daylight (D65) illuminance with spectral age correction

The LYS Button has 18 hours of internal memory, which means that the LYS Button can be worn during a whole day without having to carry the phone. Once a day the phone should be next to the Button in order to enable data transfer.

Yes the LYS Button tracks light while charging. We recommend charging it during the night and to place to charging dock on the bedside table in order to track light while asleep.

LYS takes your privacy and security seriously. We are fully compliant with GDPR and do not sell or share personal data with third-parties. Read our privacy policy to find out how LYS processes data and for what purpose.