For work

A data-driven approach to boosting productivity and wellbeing

LYS Light Diet® programme

Offer the LYS Button and Light Diet® app to employees. Allow them to track their light exposure and understand light’s impact on sleep and energy. Improve overall sleep, wellbeing and productivity.

LYS SDK Integration

Integrate the LYS in-app Chronotype Assessment and Coaching programme into any employee engagement and wellbeing platform. Differentiate from competition and offer a truly holistic health.


LYS Light Diet® programme

For employees

LYS Light Diet® app – Chronotype profiling for optimising the sleep and wake cycle, real-time analysis of the lighting environments to determine impact on sleep and energy.
Available on iOS devices

LYS Button – Wearable light sensor and accelerometer that connects to the LYS Light Diet app for a detailed analysis of light exposure.

For employers

Workplace Wellbeing Platform – Aggregated and anonymised analysis of team data for a precise understanding of the office environment’s impact on sleep and energy. Further insight on chronotype distribution to organise teams and work hours, sleep quality and energy levels goal tracking, and sleep consistency reports.

Programme benefits

Measurable improvements after only two weeks

Increase in exposure
to natural daylight

Improvement in energy

in sleep quality

Promote happiness
at work

Reduce sick days

Improve productivity

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In modern urban environments, we spend more than 90% of our time indoors. Mainly because of our indoor jobs.

54% of employees say that their work environment negatively impacts their wellbeing and studies shows that 60% of staff don’t have access to natural daylight.

Sleep disruption costs the UK economy more than £38bn each year due to lost productivity. Research shows that light intake is one of the main influencing factors on sleep.

What people are saying

An innovative idea for tackling a problem by looking at people’s consumption of light during the day, and addressing this behaviour in order to get a good night’s sleep.

— Dr Chris Tomkins, Head of Proactive Health, AXA PPP

With their innovative technology, LYS allows us not only to understand how our buildings affect people from a user experience side, but also let’s us give something back to our users: insights in how they can nudge their light-related behavior to sleep better and feel more energized.

— Florijn Vriend, Product Lead Wellbeing, Edge Technologies

Susan Gee

In our company, we have always focused on optimising our employee wellbeing with evidence-based solutions. LYS has had a very positive and significant impact on employee wellbeing here at Yorkshire Water. Employees have made micro-changes in their habits that have had a massive difference in their health. The results have been amazing! Plus they are a great company to work with.

— Susan Gee, Group Occupational Health and Wellbeing Manager, Yorkshire Water

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