4 easy steps to boost your team’s productivity at work

09 Aug 2019

We’ve been talking a lot about the concept of building ‘super teams’, something that our COO and Co-Founder Hugo Starrsjo is extremely passionate about, in case you haven’t noticed. If you are new to the idea, the simple explanation of a ‘super team’ is the notion that teams at work should be organised according to each of their members’ choronotype, and therefore peak physical performance time. Basically, if you’re a morning person, you should be part of a whole team of morning people, and if you’re an evening person, your team should be made up of evening people.

The concept sounds simple enough — and in theory it is. This is exactly what LYS Technologies is working toward with our Light Diet® programme that identifies individuals’ peak physical performance time and creates reports for employees to suggest stronger team formation according to this data. However in the meantime, we wanted to share with you a few tips on how you can create a more simplistic version of our ‘super teams’ before you decide to take on the Light Diet programme in your workplace to boost this concept even further.

Step 1: Find out when your teammates would wake up naturally and when they would work if they could choose a time 

It might sound basic, or even a little TMI, but have you ever asked your colleagues or employees what time they would wake up if they didn’t have to be in the office at 8, 9 or 10 am? In the same breath, have you ever asked them when they feel they are most energised throughout the day?

Start by understanding each one of your team members’ daily routine, i.e. when they’d like to wake up and when they work at their best.

Step 2: Arrange your meetings according to people’s estimated peak concentration time 

Once you roughly know everyone’s preferred daily schedule, and when they think they work at their best, can you try to arrange meetings accordingly? For example, placing the morning people, afternoon, and evening people together.

Try it out for a week, ask for feedback, and see how your team feels. We almost guarantee it will be a palpable positive reaction.

Step 3: Make sure people with similar chonotypes get a lunch break at their optimum time 

Once you’ve got your teams all paired-up according to the members’ estimated peak performance times and perceived chronotype, it’s extremely important that daily habits are done at the right time.

Lunch should be eaten relatively around the same time for each chronotype and daily breaks such as walks or sitting by a source of natural light should follow the same logic. This will allow each individual to get exactly the type of light they need for their circadian rhythm, helping them stay energised and focused throughout the day – while boosting the quality of their sleep at night.

Step 4: Sign up to the LYS Light Diet to get to take this concept further

Now you’ve learnt how to create a basic form of ‘super team’, based on each person’s estimated chronotype and peak physical performance time. With the LYS Light Diet programme, each person can discover exactly what their chronotype is (there are 5 types), precisely what time they perform at their best, what light habits they can change in order to tap into more energy and sleep better.

At the same time, with the LYS Light Diet® programme, you can get aggregated workforce reports that will guide you toward creating teams that will perform better together, not only boosting your team’s productivity levels but also helping to increase workplace well-being.