5 ways to help boost your concentration

24 Sep 2018

After considerable research on the world wide web; scanning through reports on various different websites, some industry and others consumer-based, it has become clear that there is no one way to boosting concentration in the workplace. And that does not come as much of a surprise.

Productivity is, in itself, incredibly difficult to measure. What might be considered as productive to some, for example cracking through an idea after an entire work-day spent staring outside the window, might be seen as an utter waste of time to others. But there is one thing that could be indisputable, which is not so much how to manage or even measure productivity, but about producing an optimum environment to thrive in.

With that in mind, instead of listing office management tactics, which are of course important, we have compiled a list of light diet tips that tackle productivity at its root — lack of energy — and might just surprise you for the better.

1. Open your bedroom blinds as soon as you wake up

We’ve said it once (or a hundred times) before, but immediate stimulation to your circadian rhythm when you first start your day is a powerful tool to boosting your energy levels. According to research in the field, it is suggested that a minimum of 30 minutes of exposure to high-intensity light (even an overtly overcast day in Northern England is still considered high intensity), will tell your body to get going and give you an energy boost.

2. East breakfast by the window

Light stimulus is not only crucial for the production of serotonin — your natural energising hormone — but to also getting your metabolism going. Eating breakfast by the window is the perfect way to wake up your stomach after a night’s sleep and aid your metabolic system in the digestion of your breakfast.

3. If possible, alternate your transportation method to work

Granted, this might not be applicable to some of you. But if it is, please hear us out. While we advocate for high-intensity light in the first half an hour of your day, keeping your exposure to it for a prolonged period of time at the beginning of your day does magic for your energy levels throughout the afternoon.

4. Go outside after lunch, even if it’s just for 5 minutes

Eating lunch makes us sleepy and sluggish — of course, it does. Following a lunch break our body is occupied in channelling all of its energy into the digestive system and as a result, a deep fatigue can drop over our cognitive ability. Know the feeling? Going outside for what we like to call a light bath might be the ultimate remedy for that afternoon fatigue we all love to hate on.

5. Stare outside the window every now and then

Being exposed to a nice and steady amount of light (high intensity but not to the same extent as in the morning), helps to keep your circadian rhythm stimulated and stops your body from producing melatonin, which is your natural sleep hormone. So glancing at the window or towards a bright area is the room is a simple yet effective way to keep your energy levels high and concentration boosted.