Can we really build super teams and super societies?

31 Jul 2019

Imagine a world of work where the term super teams is used and not in a Silicon Valley cheesy-type of way, but as an actual tech-driven concept that makes sense. Now imagine cities and the societies within them termed super societies without thinking of Marvel films. LYS Technologies is quite literally working toward these concepts becoming household terms — or at least common terms within the workplace world. How? By using information from our personal circadian rhythms.

As it stands, we are all required to live the same 24-hour cycle, which was dictated to us by society (yes and also the sun cycle, sure). But we are now well beyond the times when we needed to live by the rhythm of daylight, and with our planet operating around the clock, why shouldn’t we all have the luxury of living according to our own natural circadian rhythm cycle?

There are five types of people according to circadian rhythms: very early morning larks, morning larks, noon doves, evening owls and night owls. And while you may be wondering why the animal referencing has been added and does this stuff actually make sense, put aside for one minute the connotation and try to think of your routine on days when you can dictate your own schedule. When do you wake up, what times of the day do you eat, when is the best time frame for your thinking and concentration, when do you like to exercise? We all have widely different times of the day when we do those activities at their best, so why not create first a workforce that takes this individuality into account, and then a society that does that?

LYS Technologies’ technology and Light Diet ® programme is able to identify what type of chronotype each user has and create aggregated workforce reports that outline exactly how teams can be built around each team member’s circadian rhythm — meaning that teams can be optimised to be more productive, while maintaining a higher level of overall well-being in the workplace.

Our Co-Founder and COO Hugo Starrsjo has written about this extensively, saying that “office workers who went through our 7-day Light Diet programme saw their sleep improved by 14% and their energy levels by 6%”. Now imagine a 6% increase in productivity throughout the workplace as a result of simply reshifting teams around the times that their members perform at their best. By working with several companies on this concept and through implementing the Light Diet ® programme LYS Technologies has found that on average, companies have enough workforce to cover working hours between 6 am and 10 pm, and that allowing individuals to start at different times will create optimum productivity across that time span.

Can we create ‘super teams’ and ‘super societies’ then? The answer is absolutely. And we hope LYS Technologies’ solution is a positive step toward reaching this seemingly utopian but totally plausible and possible goal.