LYS is taking on Kickstarter, here’s why.

03 Sep 2017

Many brave souls have uploaded their hearts and dreams onto the crowd funding platform of Kickstarter before, in hopes of materialising an otherwise ethereal idea; or perhaps we could even say an ideology. And just like many before us, and plenty to follow us too, L Y S has decided to reach out to the hearts of pledgers the world over. Because we believe in our product and we know our ideology needs to spread its wings outside of the cerebral realms of the L Y S team of daydreamers.

With your naked eye, you can’t judge whether the light you receive is healthy or unhealthy. LYS is determined to bring modern urban living back in synch with nature, and it’s precisely because of this mission of ours that we’re taking a deep breath in, and launching this ambitious project.

LYS is the first user-focused light measuring wearable and app that helps improve your light habits. We built it with you in mind, to fit your individual lifestyle by integrating data feedback that is unique for every age, gender and chronotype. We hope that the wonderful Kickstarter community will help us to turn our team of 4 (with its endless vision for what LYS can be) into a product that empowers individuals all over the world to change their light habits and with that improving sleep, well-being, mood, energy, productivity and to bring balance back to our circadian rhythms.

The LYS team has poured our hearts, souls, evenings and weekends into this product, and we really think you’re going to love it. Join us by signing up to our Newsletter, follow us on social media, and we’ll let you know once the Kickstarter campaign is out. That’s it.