LYS June Webinar: New Data reveals unexploited potential in employee wellbeing

10 Jun 2021

As any manager, your employees’ good health and wellbeing is crucial. Not only is it visible through your team’s daily happiness and performance, but also through your company’s operational and strategic success. Your workforce’s health today really does trickle down to your company’s performance tomorrow.

But what should a manager focus on? There are so many inputs that go into employee health and wellbeing. Mental health, obesity, sleep, absenteeism, musculoskeletal… All are top priorities for managers but these may actually be symptoms of an underlying problem.

New data shows that your employees might be feeling unwell and unproductive just because of the environment they work in. More specifically, just because of the light they are exposed to throughout the day.

Just as air, food, and water, light is a natural and vital source to health. It impacts energy levels, mood, productivity and most importantly sleep, and is the root cause of many of the symptoms that occupational health is battling in the modern workplace!

We are delighted to be joined by Susan Gee, Group Occupational Health & Wellbeing Manager at Yorkshire Water. She is an expert at driving organisational change to deliver innovative and high quality Occupational Health and Wellbeing services. She will share her insights on the industry as a whole and her thoughts on light and its impact on energy, sleep and productivity.