Meet the team: a moment with Marine Kohler

24 Mar 2021

Marine is a Data Scientist at LYS. She spent a moment with us to discuss her experience at LYS. 

Hi Marine, thanks for joining us today!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m French. I always lived abroad while growing up, so I had the opportunity to live in several different countries already.  Not so long ago, I decided to study in Copenhagen and do a double-degree diploma with my French engineering school. So, I’m currently studying for an Industrial Engineering Management Masters at DTU (Denmark’s Technical University) and working as a Data Scientist here at LYS.

What got you interested in the data in the first place?

My studies involve mathematical optimisation, coding and modelling of complex problems, and this is what kind of got me into the data. And what is great about it, it covers a wide range of topics as it can be applied to study almost any scientific or social phenomena.

Tell us about your role at LYS. What are some of the data projects you are working on right now?

I work on several projects here at LYS. For instance, I am currently working on an automated data display that collects and translates real-time data from the database. This way workers can keep track of what is happening in real-time. 

We are also doing some further analysis on the sensor data to constantly update the product and offer new functionalities. I have been analysing the movement data from our sensor’s accelerometer. Movement data would allow us to offer even more personalised advice and guidance to the user. I would also like to do some machine learning in the near future for our human centric lighting recipes to try and propose new light inputs based on user’s feedback in the past. So a lot of things are going on. 

In your opinion, what is the added value of data-powered tools?

Firstly, data-powered tools can create additional knowledge. When we start to monitor a completely new phenomenon that we have no previous analysis on, we can build new hypotheses, try and test them out. This way, we can support science.

What have you learnt since being at LYS? Are you a Night Owl or a Morning Lark? 

I learned a lot about my circadian rhythms as I was not very familiar before. I am a Midday Dove- the most common chronotype out there. What was especially interesting to discover were the ideal times for different activities. For instance, when is the best time to exercise or perform demanding cognitive tasks. And it really corresponded to what I have been feeling and thinking before!