Meet the team: a moment with Najam-Ul Assar

20 Sep 2021

Najam is a Growth Consultant at LYS. He spent a moment with us to discuss his work at LYS.

Hi Najam! It is great to have you with us today. Tell us a bit about yourself

I am originally from Pakistan, where I had spent time in various cities, but the one city I resonate with a lot is Lahore. I moved to Denmark a couple of years ago. I am deeply passionate about digital media and how we can harness its power to drive meaningful change in our surroundings. I bring more than 10 years of experience in scaling startups and organisations. Over the years, I have consulted organisations that are driven by centring their operations around humans and our Planet.

Tell us a bit about your work at LYS

I come at an exciting time at LYS when we are planning to navigate new products and markets. I will be mostly working on the growth side and exploring both paid and organic channels to drive not only brand awareness but also conversions. My usual day at LYS includes working on various projects, exploring new ideas, auditing systems, and driving growth. 

You will be working on some exciting projects here at LYS. Tell us a bit more

The question I ask myself now every day is how we can make smart lighting really smart? How can we use data to empower people to live better lives? This is what I am addressing at LYS. With our new upcoming product, we aim to reach our customers directly and help them study their daily light consumption, make informed decisions, and also fill gaps with smart lighting solutions. Keep following us for more details.

Could you give us your personal opinion about personalised health, lighting and technology? What benefits do you see in bridging the gap between these things? 

I am a big fan of wearable technologies and the biggest win I see in it is the opportunity for the users to make informed decisions. I have a strong interest in light and sound design and especially personalising it to the customer’s needs. As we move towards the era of personalisation, I think there is a huge potential in this sector. Lighting is part of our daily lives, however, we are still using outdated technologies or for aesthetics only – which has serious consequences on our health and wellbeing. I see LYS as a trailblazer in this field, where we are helping our customers to make informed decisions backed by science and technology.

A question to all our team members: what have you learned about your internal body clock? Are you a Night Owl or a Morning Lark?

As soon as I joined the team, I started wearing the LYS Button and started the Light Diet®. It already had an impact on my wellbeing. I am definitely a Night Owl but over the years I have tried to get up early in the mornings. I am really excited to measure my light exposure and figure out a better way to stay healthy and energised.