New, improved and revised LYS prototype

24 Jul 2017

Back from the manufacturers and freshly gold stenciled, the new and improved L Y S sensor is soon with us. A short while back we sent out prototypes of the first L Y S model to 100 users in different countries across Europe. We asked them to wear the L Y S sensor on a daily basis and begin to incorporate the smart device into their personalised routine, as they go about their day-to-day. The results of this test trial were fascinating, to say the least. It was affirming of what is both working and not working with the L Y S prototype; yet most importantly it allowed our development and research team a glimpse into what individuals want, what they need, and how to develop a device that will become life-changing, and unnoticeable, all at once. Feedback from the test round varied from specific design aspects that we have been working on improving, to the app interface itself. Here, in particular, we’ve been working to make the app and user experience more intuitive and the product less clunky, less tech-looking and we can’t wait to share the results with you.