Transforming the future of personalised healthcare with technology

10 Dec 2021

Healthcare is on the verge of transformation because of the convergence of medical knowledge, technology and data science. The healthcare landscape has changed dramatically over the years with patients and consumers being more engaged and concerned about their health. Technology adds to this dramatic pace of change by enabling the personalisation of treatment and care.

This transformation in healthcare will not, however, happen on its own. Every part of the industry will need to change, from doctors, nurses, regulators, healthcare providers, and payers— governments, insurance companies, or individuals.

Delivering healthcare with the help of technology

Technology will allow delivering healthcare outside of facilities such as hospitals and clinics. We can now see early trends of heart rate monitoring through wearable devices or apps that use image-based AI to aid in diagnosing skin cancers. During the global pandemic, some healthcare systems started using technology to conduct initial consultations. However, it should be noted that technology will not necessarily replace human contact. But it could definitely improve it.

Real-time data is also a key enabler of this transformation. It can remind you when to eat, exercise or take medicine. A device might administer medication to you at the right time and in the right dose. Similarly, the real-world data can be used to understand existing medicines, and also inform the development of future treatments.

Early and more effective interventions

Technology allows the detection of the smallest changes and early and more effective intervention. In the future, continuous monitoring of health parameters might be the norm rather than occasional visits to medical facilities. People will be able to take an active role in their own healthcare, preventing illness rather than relying on medical interventions. This will result in a healthcare system that can have better patient experiences and improved health outcomes.

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