What constitutes a healthy day? In conversation with a LYS user

20 Mar 2019

On our continuous mission to raise global awareness of the need to improve sleep quality and energy levels in urban dwellers, and help people understand their own light habits along the way, we spoke with Barry, a LYS user, to get more insight into what this movement entails for his day-to-day.

“Myself and my fiancé were analysing our sleep patterns via our Fitbits. My sleep patterns were not very good and being a technology lover, your product appealed to me.” Barry tells us over email. “What I was hoping to achieve was a better sleep pattern and a more alert day.” He adds.

Much like many LYS users, Barry’s interest in monitoring the effect light has on his sleeping pattern is anchored in a general interest in his health, well-being and previous experiences of using other fitness wearables. But in contrast to other fitness trackers, his turn to LYS has been a part of Barry’s desire to learn more about what healthier living really means to him and how his habits influence his sleep and well-being. “I have done a little bit of research in the beginning on Circadian rhythm, but this is something I would like to research further.”

Using LYS has helped Barry gain insight into the light environment in his daily surroundings, which as he tells us was something he was aware of, but unsure in terms of the implications this has on his sleep and energy levels. “I have enjoyed the challenge of meeting my goals, but quite often fail as other life pressures take over.” Adding that, “On the days I hit my targets I did feel my sleep and energy levels had improved. I have not yet ascertained if this is due to the light levels or my conscious decision to change my day pattern that makes me go outside for natural light in the day and reduce my light levels before sleep.”

A fascinating insight we took away from our conversation with Barry is that education around circadian rhythms has an impact on well-being. Whether or not users achieve their goals, the very fact that they become aware of them already has a positive effect on their lives. “I do also feel achieving the right light levels at the right times of the day has a positive effect on me.”

As part of his mission to shift his work-life balance towards, well, more balance, Barry is also about to begin a four-day work week, something that he believes will fundamentally impact his well-being for the better. “As of Monday I now start a four-day working week so this is a big change in my life and it is me taking control of time.” Adding that he is excited to be using LYS alongside this change of lifestyle in order to “to start living the healthy life I crave.”

Much like the endless types of lifestyles we each live (there is no right or wrong here), how LYS users engage with the wearable and app varies from user to user. “On the days I engage with the LYS I do feel good about my relationship with how my body ticks. I do also feel achieving the right light levels at the right times of the day has a positive effect on me.” It is insights like these that encourage us at LYS to continue our mission in inspiring individuals to make small changes to their light habits while raising global awareness of circadian rhythms. One user at a time.

Follow this series as we publish more interviews with our users and shed light on the many ways LYS is helping to improve sleep and energy levels across the world.