The circadian and light influence on skin

07 Apr 2022

The skin is one of the human organs most exposed to the aggressions of the external environment.  UV rays, toxic cosmetic products or air pollution are some examples of external factors that can affect the quality of our skin. Recent studies show that the circadian rhythm can also influence our natural barrier. Because of its influence on our circadian rhythm, exposure to light can also be considered as a regulator of our skin quality.

The link between light exposure and circadian rhythm 

Over the ages, a 24-hour light-dark cycle has influenced our body. This cyclical variation of light regulates many functions and processes in the human body (hormonal secretion, healing process, mental health…). This is what we call the circadian rhythm. 

Thanks to receptors, our body knows continuously  to which type of light it is exposed. And this  influences our circadian rhythm.

The influence of circadian rhythm on our skin

Recent studies show that circadian rhythms have an influence on the three main layers of our skin (dermis, epidermis and hypodermis). On a more external level (dermis), studies show that circadian rhythm influences the wound repair process. For example, clinical observations suggest that burns sustained during the day heal more quickly than those obtained at night.

In the middle layer (epidermis), it is demonstrated that the circadian rhythm has an impact on metabolic processes such as proliferation, migration and differentiation, mitosis, cholesterol metabolism and vitamin synthesis.

Finally, one of the impacts on the inner layer (hypodermis) is the regulation of hair production and loss. The 24-hour rhythm is a key parameter for good hair growth.

Through the regulation of our circadian rhythm, our light exposure can influence the quality of all the components of our skin. It is then a key factor to consider in order to have a healthy skin.

How can Lys help you to regulate your circadian rhythm

Through our various solutions, at Lys we fulfills two main missions:

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